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The Value of a Revenue Performance Kickoff

The Revenue Performance Kickoff marries qualitative and quantitative insights to build your growth strategy.

At New Breed, we believe a strong foundation is essential for true marketing, sales and customer success. With clearly defined buyer personas, you can ensure you're targeting only the best-fit prospects with relevant content and providing meaningful value during the sales process. Our Revenue Performance Kickoff workshops serve to get a sense of your business goals and the types of customers you work with to start accurately defining those personas and ideal customers. 

By leveraging our proprietary tools, we can unify data from across your systems — your CRM, marketing automation, payment tools and more — to gain added visibility into who your best customers truly are. The types of prospects you acquire the most, who sign the biggest deals and retain the longest. In this way, we add an objective lens to extract the most value from our conversations and kick off our marketing, sales and customer initiatives with added momentum and insight. 

In this video, Senior Growth Strategist Karin Krisher and SaaSWorks Vice President of Operations Mike Redbord break down what to expect from a Revenue Performance Kickoff with New Breed and the value it can add to your business. 

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