June 5, 2024

[VIDEO] 5 Minutes to Demystifying ABM for Revenue Leaders

Earlier this spring, RollWorks invited our SVP of Revenue, Jonathan Burg, onto an expert panel webinar, "Evolving ABM and Next-Gen Digital Marketing Strategies," where he was joined by leaders from Intellimize, NetLine, and more to discuss the prominence and importance of account based marketing in today's B2B buying environment. 

While the hour was packed with insights and predictions from revenue and marketing leaders, RollWorks provided us with a few favorite clips. Watch the below videos to demystify ABM in just five minutes (we promise!). 

Plus, catch the full webinar here

[WATCH] What is the Landscape of B2B Revenue Growth in a Digital Age? 


  • Buying behavior has changed, thanks in large part to shifting technology.
  • AI has changed the way we search for information, there's no denying it. 
  • Your buyers are craving personalized interactions, and they also expect personalized interactions from brands. 
  • Only 7% of revenue leaders have expressed confidence in hitting their goals. 
  • But, there is a better way to sell, and that starts with understanding who is actively buying our products and how can we engage them ... enter, account based marketing as a key strategy 

[WATCH] How to Maximize ABM for Bigger B2B Deals


  • A single channel won't truly work. 
  • Ask yourself, where do your buyers go to learn? Then, how can you be in that space to enable them to buy? 
  • 58% of B2B marketers are experiencing larger deal sizes through an integrated approach. Other organizations agree: This is the way of the future. 

[WATCH] Keep your Marketing and Sales Strategy Integrated for Success


  • Avoid 'random acts of marketing' and in sales, too! 
  • Brutally align your marketing and sales teams around your ICP. Understand who are you not going to work with, in addition to understanding who do you want to support? 
  • Focus on the buyer's journey when it comes to developing your content and remember, it's a B2HUMAN world. 

Video Clips Courtesy of RollWorks

Thanks to our friend over at RollWorks for having us on this insightful webinar. These were some of our favorite clips, but to see what the rest of the panel had to say, get access to the rest of the webinar, where we covered so much more: 

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