February 23, 2021

What is a HubSpot Certified Partner?

Are you looking to maximize the ROI you see from the HubSpot platform? Are you looking for an agency or consultant to assist with your marketing, sales and/or customer service strategies? Are you looking to outsource some of your marketing, sales or customer service efforts?

HubSpot Certified Partners can help with some — or all — other partners specialize in just a single Hub or may only consult about the ongoing use of the platform but not help with implementation.

In order to become a HubSpot Certified Partner, these companies need to be using at least the Professional level of any Hub they’ll be working with and go through partner onboarding. HubSpot Solutions Partners also take the HubSpot Solutions Partner Certification, which is what makes them a “certified” partner.

The goal of this initial training from HubSpot is to ensure that partners can provide the maximum amount of value to customers. Beyond the onboarding training, partners can prove their qualification further with other certifications and by increasing the level of their partnership with HubSpot.

On top of the HubSpot Solutions Partner Certification, HubSpot Academy has a number of other certifications that partners can pursue, including Platform Consulting and Growth-Driven Design Agency. Additionally, there are advanced certifications on topics like CMS implementations and Sales Hub implementations that are more in-depth than the standard certification and require a practical exam in addition to the multiple-choice exam to confirm that the knowledge was not just learned but can also be applied.

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Outside of certifications, HubSpot Certified Partners can also differentiate themselves by rising through the different tiers the partner program offers. 

When a company first becomes a HubSpot Solutions Partner, their tier is “partner.” Then by selling HubSpot and working with customers on HubSpot, they can progress to Gold, Platinum, Diamond and eventually Elite

The tier a partner is at is determined by how much sold MRR and how much managed MRR they have. So, the higher the tier a company has, the more HubSpot customers they’re successfully working with.

You can view partners of various tiers and see what certifications each partner has in the HubSpot Solutions Directory.

Why Should You Work with a HubSpot Certified Partner?

Solutions partners have worked with dozens, if not hundreds, of companies like yours, so they have a deep understanding of how to leverage the platform most successfully. Additionally, because they have so much experience with HubSpot already, working with them on implementations eliminates the learning curve so you can see fast time-to-value for your software investment. 

On top of helping you best use HubSpot, HubSpot Certified Partners can help you determine what product mix is best for your needs. All partners have firsthand experience using the tools and can provide an objective lens around the product tier and combination of Hubs that best suits your business objectives. 

If you can accomplish everything you need to with CMS Hub Professional, you don’t want to pay for CMS Hub Enterprise. A HubSpot Certified Partner can offer you guidance so you optimize your tech stack investment.

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