April 23, 2024

New Breed Introduces ABM Blueprint to Help Companies Quickly Operationalize Account Based Marketing

New offering leverages a proven methodology to build predictable ABM processes and outcomes.

BURLINGTON, Vt., April 23, 2023 -- New Breed, an Elite HubSpot Solutions Partner, announces the launch of its ABM Blueprint, an action-based framework that helps companies to quickly operationalize their account based marketing (ABM) efforts. The new offering is designed to support businesses that want to increase revenue by focusing on growing or expanding strategic high-value accounts. 

The ABM Blueprint process uses client-specific performance metrics to assess existing sales and marketing challenges. Coupled with a comprehensive workshop focused on executive alignment, the Blueprint delivers an actionable plan outlining specific ABM channels, tools, and technology based on each company’s specific needs. Clients will also learn how to define and detect buying groups.

Jonathan Burg, SVP of Revenue at New Breed says:

“Our ABM Blueprint fills a critical need for operational clarity and alignment among businesses seeking to launch – or struggling to optimize – an ABM program. New Breed’s strategic experience, technical expertise, and deep partnerships with next-generation partners like RollWorks and 6Sense, removes complexity and delivers a defined path forward for accelerated revenue growth.”

Chris Laskowskii, Marketing Director at New Home Star says:

“New Breed’s ability to navigate the challenges of an ultra-specific ABM strategy in a niche market sets them apart as true experts in the field. Their strategic prowess, industry acumen and commitment to our success have propelled our Saas brand from ground zero to a remarkable $1 million in RRR within the first 12 months.

About New Breed

New Breed is HubSpot's most accredited and tech-enabled Solutions Partner for the world's fastest-growing companies. The company provides a comprehensive platform of services and technologies that align people, processes, and systems in order to unlock meaningful growth and drive better business outcomes.request abm assessment from newbreed

Jonathan Burg

Jonathan Burg is the SVP of Revenue at New Breed. After two private equity runs, he now proudly dedicates himself to supporting fellow revenue leaders achieve their growth goals. His passion is designing high-performance RevOps and creating category-leading brands to increase enterprise value, engage employees, and...


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