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Increase your website conversions with the Essential Landing Page Checklist

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Landing pages are essential for successful inbound marketing. They help convert your visitors into leads and enable you to get more targeted with your marketing communications, ultimately helping you close more deals. This checklist will help you create optimized landing pages that deliver on a user's expectations and drive more conversions.

This checklist will cover:

  • How to choose a layout
  • Writing calls-to-value vs. calls-to-action
  • Leveraging the right imagery
  • Testing your landing pages
  • And more!

PCO Example-Landing Page Checklist

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We worked with New Breed recently on a redesign and launch of our website. The project was complex and the experience and results were great. In particular, they were flexible and collaborative with good systems in place for cross-country/time-zone communication. Their collective expertise meant they were able to offer us strong, industry-leading advice.

Jesse Finn Senior Brand and Content Manager