May 8, 2024

3 Key Questions to Jumpstart and Build Your ABM Strategy

How to Build an ABM Strategy

If you think you’re ready to start your account based marketing (ABM)  journey, you may be looking for a road map to success. Of course, the answer to this is marketing’s favorite answer: It depends.

It depends on your business, the target accounts, the resources you have to put into ABM, and (of course!) your overall budget. 

The first step you’ll need to do is determine if you’re ready for ABM, because (Spoiler alert) it’s not for every business. 

Luckily, New Breed can support with determining your ABM readiness through our ABM Blueprint process, which is designed to help companies jumpstart their ABM efforts through a thorough assessment and goal-setting process. 

To start, consider these three questions: 

1. To help Align: Can you describe your common buying committee, and do you have buyer persona documentation to align with these findings? 

2. To help Configure: Do you have your lead-gen processes, funnels, and measurement aligned to accounts vs. contacts and leads? 

3. To help Measure: Do you know which content performs best for your target audience?

If so, your company may be a great candidate for ABM. Beyond this, you’ll want to ensure that your teams are rock-solid and aligned on your ICP, ideally fueled by intent data or predictive analytics.

Your overall tech stack health is critical here as well — really consider how your systems are working together and producing the right kind of data to fuel your overall strategy.

And lastly, think about how much you understand what content you’ve produced (or may have to produce) to reach the market you need. 

Inbound Marketing vs. Account Based Marketing

If your team is already generating returns on traditional inbound methodologies, you’ve got a ticket to the dance to greater marketing and sales success. Now it’s time to apply ABM tactics to drive engagement among that target market you’ve reached.

The combination of your inbound methods and ABM methods is what’s going to allow you to generate outsized return for your marketing efforts.

Consider your ABM strategy a more focused approach within your overall house of demand generation

the new breed approach to ABM strategy

Examples of ABM could include: 

  • Creating 100% personalized content for the account and the person at the account you’re trying to reach
  • Content created for multiple personas at a single account (e.g. the commercial buyer vs. the champion for your product) 
  • Vertical-specific content
  • Content designed for related markets (e.g. companies of a certain size or that have a specific business challenge) 

    At the end of the day, it’s about creating really good, valuable insights for your buyers to question the status quo and to talk to your organization on how you can best support them throughout the entire buying (and renewal!) process.

    They can, and they will, self-select. Make sure you’re the ones they’re choosing.

    Get started with your ABM strategy

    New Breed is changing the name of the ABM game through our ABM Blueprint, a foundational must-have for companies who want to step up their ABM initiatives. You’ll receive all you need to get started with ABM with the tools, technology, and strategic expertise of New Breed on your side. 

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