November 22, 2017

How HubSpot’s New Sales Pro Features Benefit Sales Operations

With the end of INBOUND 2017 comes the dawn of Q4, an exciting and incredibly important time for marketing and sales professionals alike. As the new year approaches, it is essential to begin evaluating and optimizing your strategies in order to ensure Q1 starts off on the right foot.

Fortunately, HubSpot released a slew of new tools and features to streamline this process and promote efficiency. With this in mind, we have launched a three-part HubSpot user webinar series to cover the significance of these new tools as they relate to marketing, sales and growth.

In session 2 of the HubSpot user series, we dug into the new Sales Pro tool and how it will affect the day-to-day behavior of sales professionals. Specifically, we covered how Sales Pro’s powerful automation, improved customization, enhanced reporting and team management features will enable sales teams and drive efficiency — and, consequently, help you close more deals.

Powerful Automation

We’ve seen marketing automation make life easier for countless marketers through HubSpot’s marketing platform. But it’s time salespeople get to reap the riches of convenience. With the new Sales Pro, workflows and predictive lead scoring can be utilized for deal and task automation. Additionally, HubSpot’s predictive lead scoring algorithm has been entirely rebuilt to be effective for companies with smaller data sets. No longer is it necessary to have massive amounts of data in order to benefit from accurate predictive lead scoring.

Every salesperson knows how tedious and time-consuming follow-up and qualifying responsibilities can seem. As monotonous as these actions may be, they remain a crucial part of a sales professional’s day-to-day work. Luckily, Sales Pro automation and predictive lead scoring are here to take care of those essential tasks, so salespeople can focus on what’s important: closing deals.

Utilizing automation can help optimize the sales process, boost efficiency and save time. Moreover, enhanced calendar functionality, email templates and documentation features will aid in streamlining daily sales operations. In turn, sales professionals will be enabled to connect with more qualified prospects and make the most of every opportunity.

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HubSpot is no stranger to customization, but the personalization features of the new Sales Pro are going to be a game changer for salespeople everywhere. Smart Notifications rise above and beyond the previously existing customization options in the sales platform.

Smart Notifications help sales professionals prioritize outreach by utilizing data to identify the most qualified leads. HubSpot’s rebuilt lead scoring algorithm is weighed in conjunction with a contact’s activity record to curate tailored notifications, enabling sales professionals to better organize and prioritize their daily tasks.


In this day and age, being data-driven isn’t an option — it’s a necessity. It’s no secret that all metrics are not created equal, and it’s easy to get caught up in tracking metrics that aren’t worth our attention. But for data to be valuable, it must be closely aligned with your goals. Clearly, reporting isn’t one-size-fits-all, so why settle for the standard dashboards that come with software?

The new Sales Pro provides users with the means to compile unlimited custom reports and dashboards, all based on your company and user needs. Sales operations can be a bit of a whirlwind, but access to personalized reports can eliminate distractions and enable sales professionals to stay focused on objectives. Furthermore, custom reporting can provide the insight necessary to effectively shape sales strategy and drive efficiency.

The Sales Leader's Guide to Selling: Download Your Free Copy

Team Management

Collaboration is a pillar of any successful sales team, but it’s not easy to achieve. Opportunely, the new Sales Pro offers unlimited team creation and custom organization features to help teams foster collaboration and promote transparency. With the new Sales Pro, users are able to easily share content across teams, facilitating essential communication. Being able to manage content, closed loop reporting and activities across teams allows for a more holistic view of your sales ecosystem that helps you better identify areas of opportunity.

Sales Pro’s new powerful automation, customization, enhanced reporting and team management features provide the means to promote efficiency, foster collaboration and drive revenue.

2018 is approaching quickly; make sure your sales team is armed with the right platform to meet its goals in Q1. To learn more about these new Sales Pro features and much more, download session 2 of the HubSpot user webinar series.

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