June 3, 2022

HubSpot Sales Hub Professional vs. Sales Hub Enterprise

HubSpot’s maturation into an enterprise-grade CRM has brought with it a wide range of new features that make it easier to orchestrate complex sales and marketing strategies without losing the intuitive, user-friendly experience that has long been HubSpot’s calling card. 

The “Pro” and “Enterprise” tiers within Sales Hub represent a powerful case in point. The investment into Sales Hub itself is a no-brainer for many scaling companies:

  • It centralizes deals and prospect outreach, allowing you to track and manage leads.
  • It automates key operational processes.
  • It empowers marketers and company leaders with insight into deal velocity and revenue attribution that drive better strategies. 

However, understanding which Sales Hub package level is right for your business presents a challenge given the hub’s ever-expanding feature set. 

With that in mind, the following list summarizes the key differences between these two product tiers, along with applicable use cases for Enterprise features. We have curated it based on our extensive experience working with hundreds of scaling companies, and use cases that we have found most valuable for them.

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Key features of Sales Hub Enterprise 

To start, it helps to understand the key features available in HubSpot Sales Hub Enterprise. HubSpot has been rapidly investing in this product tier to help make its CRM valuable to scaling companies of all sizes.  Here is an updated list of the several advanced features that are unavailable any other package level:

HubSpot Enterprise in action: Key use cases

As with any feature set, it’s important to have a sense of context and how they’d be applied in an actual business setting and sales KPIs. If any of the following scenarios are relevant to you, an upgrade to enterprise may be worth exploring.

You seek more visibility into specific attributes of your target market and prospect base.

  • Custom objects are a highly valuable Enterprise Hub feature for this common challenge.
  • When applied strategically, custom objects can give your sellers a competitive edge by providing insight into prospects and deals that are more business specific to the standard objects included in HubSpot (contacts, companies, deals, and tickets).
  • For example, let's say you operate in the aviation space, and need a CRM object that highlights prospect or target account information relative to each plane they build: Model #, year, operator etc. Ensuring you have the appropriate relationships between objects in your CRM along with automation to support it is not only possible within HubSpot at enterprise levels, but highly impactful.

Your sales organization is highly diversified, with multiple teams serving specific segments or territories. 

  • If your sales team is growing quickly, or is already highly segmented, Enterprise Sales Hub features team hierarchy, Single Sign-on, Admin notifications and admin-level logins.
  • We have found the ability to have parent teams, as well as the ability to quickly communicate to your reps while ensuring security (SSO) is particularly valuable. This alone can be worth the investment into Enterprise.

You need to report on MRR and customer lifetime value. 

  • Recurring revenue tracking within Sales Hub Enterprise helps you gain revenue insights that previously would have taken significant manual effort to compile.
  • This tier offers automation and process capabilities focused on renewals and recurring revenue, which will help you drive two of the most critical metrics for any business: retention and customer LTV.
  • We have found these features to be especially important in also helping marketing and sales teams stay aligned, given marketing’s increasing focus on driving not only acquisition, but expansion.

The Sales Leader's Guide to Selling: Download Your Free Copy

You are facing change management and/or training challenges, or you need to ramp your sales reps more quickly.

  • Strong management is the backbone of every successful sales team, but coaching and training teams historically has required intense time and effort.
  • Sales Hub offers a robust internal playbook library feature for large sales teams, in addition to call transcription and call review features. These enablement features are native to the Enterprise tier, but are now also available at the Professional tier. They represent a strong overall value by allowing your sales management team to provide comments and reviews for each rep.
  • The result? Shorter sales cycles, shorter onboarding time for new reps, and increased sales performance management.

You are outgrowing “legacy” sales processes and want to do more with your data.

  • Predictive lead scoring and smart conversations are both worth a look if you want to improve sales efficiency. Both features help companies better leverage the large amount of data that enterprise organizations already have relative to their prospects and customers to help improve their sales process.

Your business deals in multiple currencies:

  • While the dollar may be king, not everyone deals only in one currency. Quote-based workflows, available only in Sales Hub Enterprise, are crucial for managing complicated procurement processes and customer onboarding. It allows for teams to automate the quote-to-cash process while also providing an excellent customer experience. 

Final verdict

Sales Hub Enterprise represents another big step forward for HubSpot’s maturation into an enterprise-ready CRM. It is an ideal fit for growing organizations with complex selling motions and segmented sales teams, as well as those focused on streamlining their revenue operations. In both of these cases, the Enterprise tier provides features that power better data-driven strategies and improved sales enablement. In an era of higher staff turnover and rapid change, these benefits alone are worth the investment. 

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