November 29, 2022

What is Sales Performance Management?

Looking for a way to drive your sales team to greater performance? Consider implementing a sales performance management solution. Sales performance management (SPM) helps ensure that each sales rep works to achieve corporate goals and objectives.

The solution suite is designed to help you accurately predict future sales trends by allowing agents to build skills, improving motivation and reducing turnover, creating a stronger pipeline, and improving sales forecasting.

In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of SPM solutions and highlight an app engineered to drive sales team performance with a personalized interface for HubSpot users and added gamification features.

What is Sales Performance Management (SPM)? 

Sales performance management is a term for the various operational and analytical functions that streamline sales processes. The purpose of SPM is to make processes more efficient and effective. Core capabilities include territory management and quota management. Other essential features include competition elements, advanced analytics, and gamification.

In other words, sales performance management is the process of ensuring each member of your sales team is working to achieve organizational goals and objectives. A robust sales performance management process can include training your reps, monitoring their progress, and developing their skills. Motivation is also a central factor to drive sales team performance and platform adoption.

SPM process

An effective SPM process can help drive sales team performance, motivate the sales team, and encourage the adoption of your HubSpot platform. By clearly defining the goals, milestones, and expectations for each rep’s performance, you can drive better results from sales operations. Additionally, such an approach will give you insight into areas where reps need more training or could be performing better with a few tweaks to their strategies.

For example, implementing goal-setting strategies that are well-defined on specific objectives helps keep your reps motivated and focused on achieving those goals. This also encourages them to use the available tools effectively in order to reach their maximum potential. When reps are held accountable for their actions, it gives them the drive and motivation to perform better.

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Why Sales Performance Management Matters

Having an SPM process in place is crucial for your team’s overall success. Sometimes a well-performing individual can mask deficiencies in other areas of the team. When this happens, it becomes difficult to drive the entire team toward common goals and objectives. An effective SPM system will help you identify these deficiencies before they become too costly or damaging to your business. 

Additionally, without an SPM process in place:

  • Your sales team may lack the drive to meet its goals.
  • It may be difficult to drive platform adoption of certain tools like HubSpot.
  • The sales force may become demoralized and unmotivated, leading to lower performance overall.

These are just a few of the reasons why SPM is so important for your business. With an effective system in place, you can ensure that your sales team is performing at its best and meeting targets on time and consistently. This will help drive growth and profitability in the long run. So, if you're looking to maximize your sales team's success, incorporating an SPM process is essential.

8 Benefits of Implementing SPM 

Sales performance management solutions offer many benefits, including improved forecasting, better visibility into sales team performance, and improved customer experience. It can drive team-wide engagement while displaying KPIs and motivate reps to strive for peak performance.

Improved forecasting accuracy as it provides more accurate data on future sales trends: By leveraging data-driven insights, SPM enables sales teams to forecast future sales accurately.

A focus on team- performance instead of individual sales reps: SPM solutions foster competition by allowing sales reps to compete against one another and their peers. This encourages collaboration and healthy competition.

Gamification features to drive engagement and performance: Uponent is an app engineered to drive sales team performance with a personalized interface for HubSpot users. It adds gamification to an existing sales infrastructure and enables reps to track their progress against peers. Intuitive competition-style dashboards drive team-wide engagement while displaying real-time KPIs and achievements.

Better customer experience: Sales performance management solutions can also drive better customer experiences by providing more transparency into sales activities and allowing reps to focus on building customer relationships.

The Sales Leader's Guide to Selling: Download Your Free Copy

Improved visibility into team performance: SPM solutions provide insights into sales activities and processes, enabling managers to identify areas for improvement. Visibility into team performance helps drive better overall performance.

Reduced turnover as employees are better motivated and rewarded for their efforts: SPM solutions can help drive better employee engagement by providing a clear path to success. This helps reduce turnover and ensures employees feel motivated to drive better results.

Better pipeline visibility, which can help drive sales and drive up customer loyalty: SPM solutions provide better visibility into the sales pipeline, allowing reps to identify areas of improvement and drive more successful outcomes. This helps drive better customer experiences and can also drive up customer loyalty.

Improved agility to drive better sales outcomes: SPM solutions enable teams to adjust course and drive better sales outcomes quickly. As such, application leaders should focus on operational excellence and use advanced analytics with machine learning to maximize operational and planning effectiveness.

The Takeaway

Sales performance management solutions drive better results by improving team engagement, incentivizing reps with rewards, providing insights into sales data and trends, and boosting customer loyalty.

Uponent is an app designed for HubSpot users to drive sales team performance. Its gamification features, intuitive dashboards, and automated workflows drive performance by boosting engagement, providing insights into sales data, and motivating reps.

The app allows users to set up competitions within the team and rewards teams with points or prizes for achieving sales goals. This helps drive motivation and encourages team collaboration. Additionally, the app has a built-in leaderboard that allows teams to quickly check their ranking against other teams and provides visibility into performance metrics.

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