April 3, 2024

Announcing: The HubSpot Content Hub to Create and Manage AI-Powered Content

What is the HubSpot Content Hub? 

You can’t go a day (really, hours even) without hearing the industry talk about the implications and importance of AI in our day-to-day


In our State of HubSpot report, we found that 3 out of 5 respondents who expect 100% growth in the next 12 months say AI is their top investment. 


While AI can strike fear into the hearts of some, marketers who embrace AI  as part of their everyday toolset are the ones who will succeed in the face of a demanding audience, one that is hungry for personalized content, how they want it, and when they want it. 

Today, we’re excited to share some news with the New Breed community that will help HubSpot marketers embrace AI even more in their daily workflow, with ease. HubSpot announced the release of its newest software, the Content Hub, which is available to all HubSpot users. Those who are already using the CMS Hub can opt to upgrade to the new Content Hub from their legacy CMS Hub for all of these updated features. 

The Content Hub is poised to drive revenue and growth with tools to help users create personalized content experiences across the customer journey.

How? By saving time and increasing team efficiencies, ensuring that content management and operations stay in one place. Hear more from SVP of Revenue Jonathan Burg and Content & SEO Manager, Kate Quinn: 


Learn more about the new HubSpot Content Hub

What is the Content Hub from HubSpot? 

The Content Hub is an all-in-one, AI-powered Content Marketing software that helps marketers create and manage content that fuels the entire customer journey

Content Hub aims to support its users by delivering easy-to-use tools like: 

  • AI-powered content creation and image creation
  • Post Narration
  • AI Translations
  • Brand Voice
  • Content Remix — a way to fast-track repurposing your original content
  • Podcasts - translating your written copy into engaging podcasts

And much more, that you can dive into over on the HubSpot site. But for now, let’s get into a little more detail about what this means for you, today. 

As the role and importance of content has expanded, Marketers today need to create more content – in more formats and channels –  while ensuring they can deliver a highly personalized buyer journey. It’s a rising tide of demand that is inevitably overwhelming Marketing teams as they struggle to:

  • Meet the ever-growing Content demands, while team resources are flat.
  • Identify unique topics that break through the noise and engage target audiences.
  • Find time required to manage content, teams, and brand at scale

This story echoes what we hear from our clients, and Content Hub is here as a smart solution to help aid these dilemmas. As an Elite HubSpot Solutions Partner, we’ve been lucky to get a sneak peek at the tools within Content Hub and how we can use them to deliver our clients even more expertise and value through the HubSpot ecosystem. All these tools integrate within your typical HubSpot instance, eliminating the need to find new programs or toggle between programs you may already be using. 

Kate Quinn, who leads our Content Strategy team, says: 

“As Content Hub launches, I’m excited to see our clients take advantage of the new features it presents beyond the current CMS Hub. Creating quality that drives success for our clients is always our main focus, and these AI tools will only help us create more, relevant content at scale.

While I’m a firm believer that it’s still humans that drive AI, using AI has been a helpful starting point for ideation and to repurpose the quality content my team produces on a day-to-day basis. It’s clear that HubSpot is using this as an opportunity to highlight  the power and value of human-developed content and make content more accessible for online users with Remix, Blog post narration, and AI translation.” 

What we applaud HubSpot for is adding features that point to the importance of starting with quality content and thinking through how best to scale that output through smarter, faster tools like Content Remix, which allows you to repurpose your content for multiple channels in just a few clicks, from landing pages to social copy and more. 

When it comes to AI, I’m grateful and optimistic about how it will support go-to-market efforts, particularly with content creation, but I’m also cautious. It’s important to note that we still need these real-life humans to make our content great, and that balance of keeping AI along for the journey will help build future efficiencies.

Are you a HubSpot user?

If you’re interested in learning more about the Content Hub, we’re here to support you. Book a call with us today to learn more about the benefits of Content Hub and how we can help you harness the power of HubSpot’s newest innovation: 

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