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Growth Acceleration Workshop

Discover the foundation of your growth strategy

Are you marketing and selling to the right prospects? Are you doing it the right way? Our Workshop helps you define your best customers — and develop the growth strategy to acquire more of them.

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Marketing and sales alignment starts right here.

It’s a rare event: marketing, sales, ops and the c-suite, all collaborating together. But if you want to establish and adopt ideal customer profiles (ICPs) and buyer personas, it can’t happen any other way. A Growth Acceleration Workshop lays the foundation for demand generation success by aligning your teams around a deep understanding of your customers, their qualifications and their unique journeys. Paired with industry insights from our experience with a vast, diverse client base, the takeaways from this workshop allow our team to craft a strategy that will help you hit your key revenue and operational goals.

One conversation, three huge wins

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Clear revenue goals Visitor-to-customer funnel modeling makes it easy to visualize your gaps, develop SMART goals and build the tactics required to achieve those goals.
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Clear target segments Defined, documented and data-backed buyer personas and ICPs help align your sales and marketing teams around the needs of their ideal targets and how your product solves those challenges.
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Clear team consensus Our workshop brings together your key stakeholders to develop strategy in tandem, which leaves you with full team buy-in and, later, operational adoption.

“It is a breath of fresh air to find an agency that gets you. The workshop is insightful, and [New Breed] was able to grasp technical knowledge on our industry from the beginning that not many could easily understand. Their attention to detail and efficiency on these projects will make you wonder why you did not find this agency sooner. My team is excited to continue working with the New Breed team and know the results will be at the highest level that professionals can expect.”

Vincent Chiu | Marketing Operations Manager | Sectigo Limited

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