Case Study

New Breed and Domino Data Lab

Maximizing performance and efficiency through custom website design and development

A leading data science provider with uncompromising standards.

For Domino Data Lab, a fast-growing enterprise-level data science and machine learning operations platform, performance-driven innovation is table stakes. The company centralizes data science work and infrastructure for enterprise-grade clients. 

The company’s data-driven ethos informed its decision to select a new growth partner. Seeking greater efficiencies and a more flexible platform to scale its marketing program, Domino tapped New Breed to support its migration to the HubSpot CMS and open a new chapter in its growth story.

The challenge: Moving from repeatable to scalable processes to accelerate growth, without sacrificing flexibility or performance. 

With aggressive growth targets and an increasingly complex marketing and sales program, Domino sought a new, more scalable website and a full-service partner capable of addressing and overcoming multiple concurrent challenges:

  • Migrate Domino’s existing site to the HubSpot platform
  • Improve the site’s design and functionality, and implement custom features to help the brand differentiate itself and convert more leads. 
  • Create a foundation for data-driven performance, including improved integration capability and analytics
  • Do it all on a highly compressed timeline, with site launch coinciding with a critical industry event.  

Faced with these challenges and opportunities, Domino needed comprehensive web strategy, design, development and project management capabilities as well as fluency with all aspects of the HubSpot platform.

“We're at a critical inflection point in our growth, and we needed to get more insight, flexibility and efficiency out of our website. Having worked at HubSpot, I knew that New Breed was one of the top partners, and from the beginning, they shared our vision for what the website could be.”

New Breed’s solution: Combining UX-design best practices with technical implementation to maximize performance and flexibility

Partnering closely to scope a custom-tailored solution, the New Breed and Domino teams developed a roadmap that would meet Domino’s aggressive timeframe without sacrificing either performance or quality. 

A frictionless migration

Understanding Domino’s needs for ease-of-use across multiple internal stakeholders and backend analytics, the New Breed team migrated the existing Domino site to HubSpot’s while preserving all core existing functionality.

A flexible event microsite, built to scale

Following the migration, New Breed accelerated development of an event microsite for REV, Domino’s signature annual event. The strategy included an emphasis on best-in-class design to support the overall event branding and promotion campaign. Leveraging the HubSpot CMS also facilitated improved integration options which will enable better marketing analytics and plug-ins with event management and registration applications. 

A custom “velocity assessment” tool to engage and qualify leads

The Domino website experience also now includes a unique, self-guided assessment tool  that enables prospects to understand data gaps within their own business. The 10-step experience required advanced UX design to keep users moving through the assessment, with custom development to ensure they received the right recommendations and Domino received actionable insight and analytics. 

“In addition to its external potential to improve lead qualification, the assessment’s design has led to internal engagement as well,” notes White. “In the words of one of our sales leaders, it’s ‘the most beautiful thing we own’"




In addition to meeting every project milestone, the custom web project has made a material impact on Domino’s business including:

  • 70% increase in efficiency of web updates and production, compared to previous benchmarks
  • Elimination of the need for in-house development resources
  • 340% Increase in submissions to velocity assessment tool post-launch
  • A scalable foundation for future brand and growth initiatives

According to White, “From the beginning, I sought a long-term relationship. Through each aspect of the project, I never hear ‘no’ from the team. I only hear solutions and options. We have been moving super fast and this group has been reliable, adaptable, communicative, professional, never losing sight of the high bar of quality. I am looking forward to working with you all on future projects that continue to enhance the Domino site.”


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