January 4, 2021

9 Business Intelligence Reporting Tools for Marketing and Sales

Business intelligence tools give you actionable insights into how your strategies are performing for different channels, segments, sales reps and prospects. They provide a real-time pulse check on how effective your tactics are, indicate where you should make changes, and track how successful those changes are.

A wide variety of business intelligence tools exist for companies to choose from. There are point solutions that focus on a single portion of business intelligence, like sales analytics. Then there are macro solutions that provide insights across your entire company. Finally, there are advanced solutions that are super customizable and enable the user to build a reporting engine in which they can look at both structured and unstructured data.

Here are nine business intelligence tools that can be beneficial for marketing and sales reporting.

1. InsightSquared

InsightSquared is a point solution for sales analytics. It helps companies manage their pipelines, improve conversion rates, forecast accurately and identify areas for coaching. 

The platform pulls data in real-time and can create data visualizations that are beneficial for sales reps, sales managers and executives alike. With these insights, companies can work to increase their win rates and generate more revenue.

2. MixPanel

MixPanel is a point solution for product analytics. It provides reports on the performance of your product’s features, user conversions and retention, cohort behavior and more. You can also break down that data by device and platform to get more granular insights and create custom dashboards around your KPIs. 

These reports help companies understand their users’ experiences and improve upon them in order to increase retention.

3. Intercom

While Intercom positions themselves as more of a customer engagement platform due to their conversational features, those features are effective because of the platform’s customer data analytics. So Intercom is also a business intelligence point solution for product usage analytics.

Intercom tracks your customer behaviors within your product, so you can understand what they’ve been engaging with and what their history is. You can use that information for segmentation and to target your customers with personalized communication.

4. Klipfolio

Klipfolio is a cloud-based reporting app that can be used for deepening your understanding of any area of your business. It can be used for data visualization, report building and KPI tracking.

Klipfolio has over 300 integrations and can connect to additional tools through APIs.

5. HubSpot Reporting

HubSpot’s reporting add-on is a macro solution that allows users to dig into data spanning across marketing, sales and service. It enables users to build custom reports and dashboards from scratch or analyze over 150 pre-built reports from its report library.

For companies using HubSpot’s Marketing, Sales and Service Hubs to run their business, no integrations are required to access all the data you need. But if you are using outside platforms as well, HubSpot can also report on data from integrated apps.

6. DataBox

Databox is a macro solution that can be used to analyze the results of your marketing and sales efforts and your company-wide strategies. The platform pulls your companies data from across your tech stack into a single location for easier analysis. In doing so, it can also calculate cross-platform metrics, like conversion rates, for you.  

DataBox is most well-known for its easy-to-use data visualization capabilities. Its dashboards are easy to create and customize for users without design or coding experience, and it has many easy-to-activate integrations that come with hundreds of pre-built custom reports.

7. Grow

Grow is a macro solution that can analyze your marketing, sales and customer service data. It’s an all-in-one business intelligence solution that can store, clean and connect your data and then transform that information into dashboards and reports.

It’s built for non-technical users, so its dashboards don’t require technical knowledge to customize and it offers many one-click integrations.

8. Looker

Looker is an advanced business intelligence solution that can be used for everything from marketing reporting to customer 360s to supply chain management. It offers pre-built data visualizations or users can create custom visualization depending on their needs. 

Looker also has its own data modeling language that enables users to build custom models or leverage pre-built ones. 

9. Tableau

Tableau is an advanced business intelligence solution that provides data visualizations of both structures and unstructured data. It can do benchmarking, forecasting, cross-database analysis and more. In addition to interactive dashboards and drag and drop functionality to allow ease of use, Tableau also has a natural language search function to help users find what they’re looking for.

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