Is your tech stack configured to support profitable, efficient growth?

During your custom Revenue Operations assessment, New Breed’s RevOps experts will audit your existing platforms and processes and provide strategic, actionable recommendations to increase HubSpot ROI, improve cross-functional alignment and reporting capabilities, increase sales productivity and efficiency, and improve your customers’ experience with the ultimate goal of increasing revenue.

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New Breed offers comprehensive Revenue Operation services that supercharge your team’s operational infrastructure. Whether you’re migrating onto HubSpot’s CRM, implementing a new Hub, extending HubSpot’s native functionality, or cleaning up a messy tech implementation to allow your team to work smarter, we are excited to make your dream tech stack a reality.  

In your assessment, we’ll cover:

  • Platform Summary: Documented analysis of how you’re using HubSpot and supporting technology including feature usage and health scores.
  • Process Analysis: Review of current processes such as lifecycle stages, lead status, and segmentation with recommendations based on your goals and objectives.
  • Strategic Direction: Based on platform and process findings, your RevOps assessment provides clear recommendations on operational improvements your team needs to make in the short, medium, and long term to achieve your target outcomes and growth goals. 

As HubSpot's Top Partner in North America, New Breed's advisors can help you identify opportunities to get more ROI from HubSpot, integrate your data and tech, and elevate your revenue performance. 




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Customized Solutions to Scale Your Business

We design our partnerships based on your business goals by aligning the right expertise and resources to accelerate growth and supercharge your team.

Revenue Operations
& CRM Strategy
Define ideal business processes and configure your tech stack accordingly to help you get the most out of HubSpot.
& Migrations
Implement, migrate and enhance HubSpot to drive business outcomes and reduce complexity.
HubSpot Integrations Connect your tech stack to break down data silos, increase collaboration and make data-driven decisions to improve customer satisfaction.

Our approach offers
flexibility within a framework.

We pair our expertise and approach with your business model and solutions to build the best revenue operations engine for your employees, customers, and bottom-line.


  • Strategize: We learn your goals, current configuration and processes to create a detailed, easy-to-follow roadmap that delivers the ideal configuration to hit your strategic goals and technical requirements.

  • Execute: Our experienced RevOps strategists configure your HubSpot instance and adjacent platforms to improve internal processes, increase automation, and enable cross-functional collaboration.

  • Measure: We provide the necessary infrastructure so your team can depend on your reports and dashboards to see the areas where you’re thriving and opportunities for improvement.

“We were able to implement the HubSpot CRM in such a seamless way that it added value to our sales process as it happened and immediately started producing a return on investment. Implementing a CRM is daunting and I am very thankful we had New Breed as a partner.”

Ray Keating | Sales Operation Lead | Teamwork