Your guide to a
website redesign

Without a doubt, website redesign projects can be significant undertakings. For years, our team has designed exceptional, user-driven websites. Now, we've compiled that expertise into a handy resource for you to undertake a redesign project at your own business.


If you’ve read any of our content on websites, you know that we at New Breed believe your website should be your best salesperson. It’s more than just a digital brochure for visitors to read about your products and company history. It’s the hub of any successful demand generation strategy. 

Your website should help guide potential customers through their buyer’s journey — all the way from brand-new visitor to closed-won customer and beyond. 

But what if your website isn’t doing what it needs to do? 

Lackluster content, a poor user experience, dated design and a myriad of other factors can hamper your website’s ability to drive demand for your business. If you’re not extracting the maximum value from your web presence, you’re only standing in the way of your own growth. 

But, website redesign projects are a long and complicated investment of time and resources!” you exclaim. 

You’re right. Website redesigns require a significant amount of planning and work to be done effectively. But a clearly defined process (like the one described in this guide) can make navigating that work much easier. 

21-03-Website Redesign Guide-Design Steps

Over the course of this guide, we’ll help you and your team understand the steps involved in a website redesign project. Beyond that, you’ll leave with the necessary strategic insights and guidance to map out a persona-driven website that attracts the right traffic, drives more conversions and generates demand for your business. 

It’s important to note that this guide won’t teach you front-end development. Instead, we’ll walk you through what to expect during the design and development process or what to ask of an agency partner. While they’re ultimately the ones responsible for bringing your website to life, marketing and sales leaders play pivotal roles in laying the foundation your developers will ultimately build on.

Should you redesign your website?

If website redesign projects can be significant undertakings, then it’s important to determine whether you should be starting one to begin with. Truly great websites are never finished. Just because your website isn’t generating maximum returns for your business right now doesn’t mean it can’t be optimized and iterated upon. 

Determining whether your website should be redesigned versus merely optimized should boil down to a few important factors. Facing difficulties in any of these areas can be enough to warrant a redesign project, and addressing these areas comprehensively can be advantageous for your business.