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Inbound Readiness

Configure your
marketing-to-sales handoff for conversion

When it comes to lead management and qualification, revenue operations plays a critical role. Our team provides the HubSpot and Salesforce expertise to scale your customer acquisition infrastructure.

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Collage of master form strategy planning and HubSpot workflows.

Align your people, processes and platforms.

To build a demand generation program that really works, start with effective lead qualification and handoff motions. Our platform experts provide essential configuration, documentation and training around your backend marketing and sales processes to ensure measurable results from your marketing efforts within HubSpot. We’ll develop the handoff process based on your buyer’s journey and create automation that helps you segment, communicate with, prioritize and route your leads — all according to the unique needs of your business.

Why configure your handoff with New Breed?

Technical expertise As a HubSpot Advanced Implementation Partner with Salesforce certified admins on staff, our team has a robust understanding of large, complex marketing automation projects and unique requirements.
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Results that scale Built to generate a key set of deliverables for your marketing operations success, our Inbound Readiness project leaves you with a framework — and the training — to take on an influx of leads.
Strategic alignment A great handoff gets the right lead information through the right internal channels so you can respond at the right time. We align marketing and sales so you never miss the best leads.

“These are the (people) working silently on our behalf making sure all of the workflows, automation, imports, API hookups, etc. are up and running so we can get the most out of HubSpot.”

Dicken Weatherby | Founder and CEO | OptimalDX

Our Approach to

Inbound Readiness

Are your marketing efforts resulting in
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