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Pricebook Digital, industry-leading sales solutions for HVAC dealers and distributors, partnered with New Breed to optimize their sales, onboarding, and customer support processes by utilizing HubSpot's tools to streamline cross-functional workflows and unify data. New Breed's strategic plan focused on automation and achieving efficient operations.

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Tackling sales delays, reporting bottlenecks, and platform fragmentation.

Pricebook faced operational hurdles in digital sales and service, impacting growth and efficiency. These included extended handoffs, outdated reporting, and fragmented platform use. Resolving these bottlenecks was crucial to maintain industry standing and provide a seamless customer experience.

Onboarding and Sales-to-Service Handoff

Pricebook faced the challenge of handling a high volume of sales, especially during busy seasons, resulting in inefficiencies in the onboarding and service process. This led to frustratingly long wait times for customers and highlighted the need for a smoother and more responsive transition process to the service delivery teams.

Sales Reporting Bottlenecks

Pricebook faced considerable challenges as they relied on spreadsheets to document and analyze their sales data. This approach had its limitations, including a lack of real-time data accessibility and challenges in strategic decision-making. As a result, they risked missing out on sales opportunities and inefficiently allocating resources.

Platform Discrepancies

The team faced internal challenges due to the reliance on multiple platforms for different teams, including Zendesk and Calendly. This lack of a unified system not only made integration and data flow difficult but also intensified operational challenges during peak sales periods when seamless coordination between departments was crucial.

HubSpot Products Used

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Leveraging multiple Hubs to streamline cross-functional processes.

In order to align Pricebook's tech stack with their unique process, New Breed harnessed the power of multiple Hubs to create a seamless and efficient system that improved sales-to-service handoff and the onboarding experience for new customers.

Sales Process Enhancement with Sales Hub

To improve lead management and drive sales results, New Breed used HubSpot's Sales Hub to refine categorization, automate lifecycle stages, and provide real-time insights. This overhaul aimed to nurture every lead effectively and equip decision-makers with up-to-date sales performance data.

  • Lead Management Refinement: A sophisticated lead status system was introduced to categorize leads based on their origin– form submissions, referrals, direct traffic, and other sources.
  • Lifecycle Stage Automation: Custom enrollment lists were designed to activate specific workflows. These updated the lifecycle stages based on user activity and the progression of leads, ensuring that no leads were overlooked.
  • Dashboard Innovation: Real-time dashboards were developed, offering a comprehensive view of sales performance. Additionally, monthly reports were created for top executives, providing them with the right level of information to understand sales performance.

Unified Platform Transition & Integration

For operational efficiency and data accuracy, New Breed consolidated Pricebook's tech stack by migrating from multiple tools and integrating key data models. This streamlined operations, enhanced data accessibility, and fostered better coordination between departments, particularly during high-demand sales periods.

  • Zendesk to Service Hub Migration: Transitioning from Zendesk to Service Hub, while eliminating the need for tools like Calendly, consolidated Pricebook's tech stack which streamlined operations and access to data.
  • Data Models Integration: We seamlessly integrated sales and service pipelines to ensure information was easily accessible across both pipelines and minimize discrepancies.

Holistic Onboarding & Streamlined Service Handoff

New Breed revamped Pricebook's onboarding system by integrating automation and enhancing cross-departmental communication to improve customer satisfaction and retention. The goal was to provide a seamless and efficient journey for every customer, from their initial purchase to the full realization of the services they acquired.

  • Automation Overdrive: By automating multiple processes, New Breed transitioned Pricebook away from labor-intensive methods. Workflows were designed to send notifications at different stages of the customer onboarding process, drastically improving responsiveness and efficiency.
  • Sales-to-Service Communication Enhancement: The integration between Sales Hub and Service Hub created a bridge for cross-departmental collaboration, ensuring that customers experience a frictionless journey from acquisition to onboarding, and on to successful service delivery.

Empowering with Training and RevOps Excellence

To ensure successful digital transformation, New Breed empowered Pricebook through training and dedicated RevOps support, strengthening their operational competencies and maximizing the potential of their new systems.

  • In-depth Client Engagement: The collaboration kicked off with detailed workbooks and recurring meetings. Guided by New Breed's RevOps team, these sessions were meticulously orchestrated to deeply understand Pricebook's operational challenges and align them with optimal HubSpot functionalities.
  • Comprehensive HubSpot Training: Every detail was addressed to ensure Pricebook was fully prepared. The team received comprehensive training modules that encompassed all aspects, from sales pipelines to the complexities of automation and reporting, empowering them to maximize their digital toolkit.
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Achieving sales growth, boosted retention, time savings, and advanced reporting.

The partnership between Pricebook and New Breed, amplified by the capabilities of HubSpot, resulted in growth, time savings, and better customer connections. Here's a detailed breakdown:

30% Year-to-Date Growth

Pricebook witnessed a remarkable 30% growth in sales year-to-date. This growth underscores the combined might of Pricebook's domain expertise and New Breed's operational savvy. Their partnership not only refined existing operations but also identified new opportunities for expansion.

Customer Retention Boosted

While acquiring new deals is essential, it's equally crucial to retain those customers. New Breed's strategies enabled Pricebook to streamline its onboarding process, offering immediate value to customers, resulting in increased retention and reduced churn. Better communication ensures that customers are making the most of Pricebook's offerings. For a SaaS business like Pricebook, maintaining these subscription rates is the cornerstone of ongoing success.

30 Hours Saved Each Month

By adopting HubSpot’s solutions across the sales and operations teams, Pricebook managed to cut down an hour's work daily, saving 30 hours in a month. This efficiency was gained through automated onboarding, efficient meeting setups, and structured email communication. These streamlined processes not only save time but also contribute to better customer satisfaction and increased retention.

Advanced Reporting Implemented

Pricebook now accesses a wide range of data points, streamlining operational and sales decisions, thanks to HubSpot's in-depth reporting tools. These tools provide the necessary insights to stakeholders, including the CEO, on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. With ongoing fine-tuning, Pricebook is poised to benefit from even more tailored and granular insights to meet their evolving business needs.

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