Case Study

Quan and New Breed Accelerate Growth Through a Comprehensive HubSpot Implementation

Quan unites marketing, sales, success and product with the HubSpot Growth Suite and New Breed for Startups

The Story:

A high-growth startup seeks a crafted growth suite to deliver on more than just customer acquisition.

For Quan — a fast-growing startup that closes the gap between engagement surveys and well-being perks companies offer their people — the ability to deliver an end-to-end customer experience is business-critical. With a rapidly evolving product and a growing market niche, Quan invested in the full HubSpot CRM suite, realizing the potential for HubSpot to drive not only sales and marketing efficiency, but also unified customer insight to help inform product development.

“We went with the whole growth suite, because of its seamless integration throughout the entire customer lifecycle,” noted Christina Chaplin, Chief Growth Officer. “That’s something that’s especially important for startups. If you try to piece it together through different systems, you don’t have time left to focus on delivering value to your customers.”  

With a goal to transform their HubSpot investment into ROI as quickly as possible, the team sought a partner capable of implementing the CRM suite on a tight timeline. But that was only the tip of the iceberg for the Quan team.


Implementing a custom, multi-Hub CRM solution within one month.

In addition to implementing and configuring the overall CRM Suite to support inbound revenue growth, the Quan team sought to leverage Service Hub to create an automated, multi-phased customer onboarding program from scratch. The team turned to New Breed for its deep HubSpot product expertise, technical knowledge, and capacity to execute efficiently to support critical business targets.

“We needed a solution that could not only support marketing and sales, but also support [our] product,” noted Chaplin. “It wasn’t just a revenue challenge, it was an operational challenge. We didn’t initially have an ability to add in user and customer onboarding directly within our product. We wanted to see if we could create workflows in HubSpot for nurturing and training our new customers, even though we knew it was an ‘outside the box’ approach.




New Breed for Startups. Powered by The HubSpot CRM Suite.

Quan leveraged the New Breed for Startups solution. Tailored for the needs of startup organizations, the solution features comprehensive and customized implementation services and consultation as well as critical infrastructure like landing pages, workflow automation, and custom reporting.

Early in the partnership, the New Breed and Quan teams worked through project requirements and dependencies, ultimately developing a 5-phase onboarding nurturing program across three persona types, which would be delivered to align with product onboarding timelines.

Working collaboratively, the New Breed team ultimately implemented all Hubs, and created 48 workflows, 15 CTAs, 11 Knowledge Base articles, 8 forms, 5 custom reports, and 2 feedback surveys to nurture new users through onboarding. The scope also included email and landing page template implementation.

“When you try to push the system, you need to have people who really understand the system,” said Chaplin. “From the beginning, I knew I had that technical capability and agility with the New Breed team.”

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Quan fully implemented its overall CRM — including its onboarding workflows and automated feedback surveys — within one month. Since launching, the onboarding automation has provided immediate insight into product adoption and customer experience trends. This insight has led the Quan executive team to evolve and improve both the overall product itself and the product onboarding experience.

Additionally, customer engagement with Quan’s Knowledge Base and NPS surveys have led to customer insights that have informed Quan’s marketing strategy.

“[The implementation] was a heavy lift. We wouldn't be where we are today without the New Breed team,” noted Chaplin. “The performance is there. We've been able to look at things like open rates and click-through rates, which is informing what kind of onboarding content we really need. But we also have the foundation on which we can build, and New Breed provided the agility that startups like us need.”

Products Used:

  • HubSpot CRM Suite - Professional
  • New Breed for Startups

Client Testimonial

"Building a team, setting a foundation, and getting the value of unified tech stack data are major challenges for startups. Having a good partner is critical for accelerating this process. But in the past it wouldn’t have been possible for me, because we didn’t have the budget. Now, with New Breed for Startups, we have the support we need at the right investment level. And are able to accelerate so much quicker. We’re up and running on HubSpot faster and we’re getting results faster.”

-- Christina Chaplin, Chief Growth Officer, Quan.



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