March 4, 2024

New Breed Excels in Complex CRM Integration with HubSpot Data Migration Accreditation

As Hubspot's only three-time Top Partner in North America, New Breed is excited to share our journey in achieving the HubSpot Data Migration Accreditation. This accreditation is not just a testament to our technical skills; it represents our deep understanding of the HubSpot ecosystem and our ability to enhance CRM strategies through meticulous data integration.

What is the HubSpot Data Migration Accreditation? 

Achieving the HubSpot Data Migration Accreditation involved mastering various technical aspects of data integration. Our focus was on ensuring data integrity during the transfer process, which is crucial for maintaining the reliability of CRM data within HubSpot.

We employ advanced techniques for data cleansing, deduplication, and validation to ensure that the migrated data is not only accurate but also optimized for HubSpot's unique CRM environment.

New Breed’s Approach to Data Migration and Integration in HubSpot

Our approach to data migration in HubSpot goes beyond the traditional scope of moving data from one place to another. We delve into:

  • Custom Field Mapping: Tailoring data fields to align with HubSpot's properties, ensuring seamless data flow and integration.
  • Workflow Configuration: Setting up automated workflows in HubSpot that are triggered by the newly migrated data, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Data Synchronization: Ensuring continuous sync between HubSpot and other systems, maintaining data consistency across platforms.
  • Post-Migration Data Health Checks: Conducting thorough checks post-migration to ensure data integrity and to optimize the data for HubSpot's analytics and reporting tools.

Our Expertise in Data Management and Integrity

Our proficiency in HubSpot data migration is evident in our projects with notable clients:'s Integration Journey: We successfully migrated's data into HubSpot, focusing on maintaining data integrity and optimizing their CRM processes. This project highlighted our ability to handle large-scale data migrations with precision. Read More


Seamless Transition for Simpro: Our work with Simpro involved intricate data mapping and synchronization, ensuring a smooth transition from Pardot to HubSpot. This project showcased our expertise in managing complex data ecosystems. Read More


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Why Choose New Breed for HubSpot Data Migration?

Partnering with New Breed for your HubSpot data migration needs means:

  • Assured Data Integrity: Ensuring that your data remains accurate and reliable throughout the migration process through technical expertise.
  • Customized Integration Solutions: Understanding that each business has unique needs, through a tailored approach in our migration strategies to align with your specific CRM objectives.
  • Efficient and Seamless Transition: Making data migration smooth and efficient, reducing downtime and enhancing user adoption within the HubSpot platform.
  • Long-Term Data Strategy: Going beyond data migration to set the stage for ongoing data management and optimization within HubSpot, ensuring your data continues to drive value.


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Comprehensive HubSpot Solutions at New Breed

Our achievement in HubSpot Data Migration is part of our broader commitment to providing comprehensive HubSpot solutions. With all seven HubSpot accreditations under our belt, we offer end-to-end services, from CRM implementation to advanced integrations and data management, all designed to empower your business with robust, data-driven strategies.

Elevate Your CRM Strategy with New Breed

Our HubSpot Data Migration Accreditation is a reflection of our dedication to excellence in data integration and CRM strategy enhancement. We are committed to helping businesses navigate the complexities of data migration, ensuring a seamless transition and strategic utilization of data within the HubSpot ecosystem.

Drive better outcomes with HubSpot's only 3 time north america partner of the year

Olivia Perek-Clark

Olivia Perek-Clark leads New Breed’s Learning and Development team. She is a seasoned Demand Generation and Inbound Marketing Strategist turned team trainer who has a passion for developing systems and content that help other New Breeders do their best work for our clients.


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