March 6, 2024

New Breed Reaches New Benchmark within Hubspot's Technical Ecosystem with 7th Accreditation

New Breed, an Elite HubSpot Solutions Partner and the only 3X North America Partner of the Year, proudly announces its latest achievements: earning the brand-new HubSpot Solutions Architecture Design Accreditation and the Data Migration Accreditation. These accomplishments solidify New Breed's status as an all-encompassing technical expert in the HubSpot ecosystem, as one of only four Solution Partners holding all seven complex Hubspot accreditations offered.

A New Benchmark in HubSpot Solutions Architecture

The HubSpot Solutions Architecture Design Accreditation is a significant recognition of New Breed's advanced CRM capabilities in designing, configuring, and customizing complex solutions within the HubSpot platform. This accreditation highlights their proficiency in addressing advanced customer use cases and driving substantial business results across HubSpot's extensive CRM platform suite.

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Excellence in Complex Data Migration

Alongside the Solutions Architecture Design Accreditation, the Data Migration Accreditation stands as a testament to New Breed's expertise in efficiently transferring and integrating data within the HubSpot ecosystem. This skill is crucial for businesses looking to leverage the full potential of HubSpot's CRM and marketing tools, ensuring data integrity and operational continuity during complex migration processes.

new breed certifications from HubSpot

Comprehensive Mastery Across HubSpot's Platform

With these latest accreditations, New Breed proudly holds all seven technical accreditations offered by HubSpot, demonstrating their all-encompassing expertise and commitment to excellence in the HubSpot ecosystem:

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These accreditations reinforce New Breed's position as a comprehensive service provider across the entire spectrum of HubSpot's offerings, from initial onboarding and auditing to complex integrations and data migration.

Showcasing Success with HubSpot Solutions

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  • Elevating Fresh Clinics with HubSpot Automation: New Breed's implementation of HubSpot's automation tools for Fresh Clinics resulted in a staggering 1,637% ROI increase, a testament to their ability to enhance marketing and customer engagement. Read More
  • Driving Growth for Pricebook Digital: New Breed's optimization of HubSpot for Pricebook Digital led to a 30% increase in revenue, showcasing their expertise in enhancing sales and customer service efficiency. Read More
  • Optimizing's Data Migration to HubSpot: The strategic migration of to HubSpot by New Breed streamlined business operations, demonstrating their proficiency in data migration and system integration. Read More
  • Seamless Data Consolidation for Simpro: New Breed's smooth transition of Simpro from Pardot to HubSpot ensured accurate and efficient data migration, reinforcing their expertise in complex data transfers. Read More



New Breed stands as an Elite HubSpot Solutions Partner, uniquely equipped to solve complex challenges in operations, tech stack, or go-to-market strategies. Whether it's CRM implementation, custom integration, data migration, or crafting bespoke solutions, New Breed's accredited expertise ensures scalable and profitable revenue growth for your business.


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Olivia Perek-Clark

Olivia Perek-Clark leads New Breed’s Learning and Development team. She is a seasoned Demand Generation and Inbound Marketing Strategist turned team trainer who has a passion for developing systems and content that help other New Breeders do their best work for our clients.


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